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karen says

its nothing too political and only marginal significance. but think of the frustration of wanting only that slushy-sort of sweet n creamy frozen coffee drink on the hottest of city days and realizing you'd have to dish out over $3.50 at any cafe establishment to get it. well, people, i once was employed (gasp) at one of these places, and know for certain they cost only 11-13 cents to make!?@! marrrkkkuupppp. to top this off, i submit this scam from none other than an internet cafe computer (let's not get started on this) and am looking right at that sublime mocha churning machine at this very moment. but i sacrifice my thirst to instead pay to bring this message to you.

Linda the K says
The Curse of the Pharaohs
In a June 10th article in the New York Times (House Votes to Phase Out the Estate Tax), Representative Bill Archer eloquently defends a 100% tax break for America's richest dead people, starting first with the very very very richest and trickling down gradually to dead multimillionaires, then to the dead who were mere millionaires in small family business, finally to dead millionaire family farmers. Mr. Archer says that Americans "should not be taxed when they die." He draws a clear parallel to infamous injustices of the past: "The ancient Egyptians built elaborate fortresses and tunnels and even posted guards at tombs to stop grave robbers. In today's America, we call that estate planning".

I, too, have often seethed over the plight of those ancient pharaohs, forced by circumstance to squander the wealth of a civilization on pyramids to safeguard against having even a single solid gold statuette of their immeasurable wealth pried from their cold dead hands, and I, too, have wondered what I can do to ensure that today's dead American royalty take every last nickle of of their amassed wealth to their graves with them. The thorny problem is that the deceased heads of American dynasties make no accommodation to do so. Almost no American millionaires or even billionaires arrange to be entombed along with a significant amount of their assets, probably because they, like the beleaguered pharaohs, fear that thieves or a British archaeological expedition might steal their stuff. Instead, our American kings and queens bequeath their possessions to living people, mostly to their children or other relatives. These grieving financially endowed princes and princesses are promptly mugged by Uncle Scam, who demands a cut in the guise of estate tax, cruelly sneering that his share of the loot will be recirculated among the undeserving loutish American mobs of commoners and only gradually, through labyrinth open market processes, find its way back to the rightful heirs.
Oh base immorality! Oh hard fate, to suffer as Pharaoh did! Worse than any pharaoh suffered, for the pharaohs did not pay any taxes (freeing up their personal wealth for civic projects like city-sized sepulchres in which to seal up tons and tons of gold and other valuable treasures), whereas in America, despite the the best efforts of heroes like Bill Archer, our dead rich are still forced to pay tribute to that godless pirate, the federal government., with the sad consequence that the royal heirs ,innocent victims of an unfair tax code, are not as rich as they deserve to be; some may be merely well-to-do rather than wealthy, or only wealthy as opposed to stinking rich, or, in the most dire and urgent cases, reduced to a paltry 25 billion dollars when the dead pharaoh was worth twice that much. It's inhumane, frankly.
And what do our wealthiest dead people get in return for this sacrifice? Damned little. Their heirs are spared the mind-boggling expense of constructing impenetrable labyrinths, true, but do they have any other advantages? Do they enjoy any special privileges or preferred treatment, do they command more respectful attention of those in power, do they have more ready access to scarce or rare resources, exercise any more influence in politics than any one else, or have the slightest advantage in a court of law? They are even denied the basic divine right of kings to enslave other people. And yet, thanks to the astute estate planning of our dead rich, their plucky descendents soldier on, picking up a yacht here, a mansion there, clinging tenaciously to the remnants of their birthright. It is only by a miraculous coincidence that the abyss between rich and poor has been enhanced so dramatically of late -- God knows the Congress does nothing to make life any more pleasant, secure, privileged or profitable for our vulnerable well-off. So here's to Bill Archer, defender of our dead pharaohs and their
royal dynastic rights. We can only marvel at his intestinal fortitude fends off greedy sub-billionaires in order to see that neediest -- yes, the very very very richest among us -- get their one hundred percent tax exemption before anyone else. May not one more precious coin fall into the hands of the parasitic American public, who contribute nothing but dumb acquiescence to the our millionaire-making economy. May Bill Archer run for President, and when he does, may the dead pharaohs support him!

  You have 2 cows. You sell 3 of them to your publicly listedcompany,
  using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank,then
  you execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer sothat
  you get all 4 cows back, with a tax deduction for keeping 5 cows.
  The milk rights are transferred via a Panamanian intermediary to a
  Cayman Islands company secretly owned by the majority shareholder
  who sells the rights to all 7 cows' milk back to the listedcompany.
  The annual report says that the company owns 8 cows, with an option
  to purchase one more.*; Meanwhile, you kill the 2 cows because the
  feng shui is bad.

watermelonslim says
And then I thought, hey, I've got a racket. I'm gonna take a bunch of free and uncopyrighted scam submissions on somebody's funny website, put catchy hip-hop rythyms to them, and create deadly serious commercial-quality blues recordings in 24-track studios, get a big recvording contract, tour the world for about five years and then retire comfortably to Memphis, with occasional sidetrips to Mississippi.

Got a dynamite wildlife scam too: the Honobia Wildlife Management scam. First, clearcut about 3 1/2 million acres of forest land on either side of an insignificant state border-- say, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Degrade the environment, muddy the streams and rivers, kill half of the fish in them with the 24D you use to keep the clearcut defoliated so that you can replant it with billions of specimens of an imported variety of pine tree that is practically useless (it's called loblolly, and it's from Georgia)unless mixed with the local hardwood and pine trees you just cut down billions of. Don't forget, while waiting for these useless trees to grow big enough to cut and mix with the remaining hardwoods from surrounding areas, to claim your tax depreciation writeoff for the land you just degraded. Call yourself "The Tree-Farming Company," for good public relations with the locals, many of whom you will hire at substandard wages to haul the useless trees to the large paper plants you will build using liberal municipal subsidiies from the towns in which they are built. Save aside a portion of the money you make from bilking Uncle Sam for his tax money, and the sale of the paper you make from your handy-dandy tree mixture, to buy more large tracts of good, natural forest land from indigent Choctaws and Chicasaws, so that you can repeat the whole process. Then, after you have fully tax-depreciated the land, sell the land to another large firm, say, an insurance company, so that they can cash in on the 20 years of depreciation too.
Then get your friends in the insurance company to initiate a program of monitoring the degradation of the flora and fauna that you have caused with your clearcutting and defoliation. Charge the sportsmen who live in the vast tracts you sold to the insurance company exorbitant fees for the monitoring service. In addition, charge the cattle farmers you allow to run their cattle through your useless monocrop woods more exorbitant fees so that they can drive on their own roads, and avoid more extensive fines they would incur by ignoring your "wildlife management fee." Stick it to 'em. At least 18 dollars for every man woman and child who drive or live in the areas your buddy the insurance company owns. Later, after Mr. JohnHancock has gotten HIS full tax depreciation writeoff for owning the degraded land, BUY IT BACK, and get 20 MORE years depreciation, now that you are again cutting down your useless loblolly pine and selling it to lumber product companies as fence posts that warp in a few months. As another scammer suggests, "BE CREATIVE!!"

William CharlesTinker says
Homelessness is a scam to create a never ending job for state and local social workers to have a meal ticket all at the expense of the impoverished,as well as the disabled..This result has killed a lot of our brothers and sisters off,apathy and lack of compassion by the FEDS and State government is rampant..The government has had the means and knowledge to end homelessness since the 70s but have not!!! Wake up America this is our call to action plan,don,t let another brother or sisters life be in vane ever again! Bill Tinker [advocate for displaced and disabled]1-603-286-2492

Unclescam you got a nice set up here..

folkbone says
During the 1980's, RR and his friends sent the national debt into the straosphere...a bazillion-trillion dollars, if you will.

Intersest payments on this sum come right off the top of incoming federal tax dollars every year.

Figure that interest rate at, oh say 7-8 percent.

Is anybody who is reading this getting any of that interest money? Is anyone that you know getting that interest money?

Hell no! It's going to all of Ronnie's personal friends, multinationals, and bankers (well isn't that convenient).

And it comes right off the top every single year, just like clockwork, an annual economic sodomy of the average American citizen.


uncle scam says
dec 10

well dean thank ya laddie. we'll be out sunday thru the 23, if the weather's what's your uncle's scam ?