the Blue Puppet Theatre

we started out with a tricycle and a steel ring and built it into a unique street performance. using a facile mind and an artist with a great eye for a face in an object, we created a world of war orphans and politicians at the right price.  starring slick willy and mother goose, we gave the public a chance to make their voices heard--children raising voice to the pathos of humpty and the beauty of cockrel shells in mistress mary's garden.  on the side, a man of unlimited gall calling on the body large to rise out of siesta and call a scam a scam.  pull it off and the brass monkey sings.  this, then, extends the range of our theatre.  please join us. we do this puppet thing as an expression of the love we feel for life.of course it also earns our daily bread.

We create singular portraits.
People with the urge to have a puppet of someone they love.
with a picture and short bio we give you the puppet of your desire.

Our main sponsor at this time is
"Friends of the Homeless"
out of Weymouth, Mass.
Check it out !

The Puppeteer
and  his trike

The Artist
Lines     Linda Kent   Tarot deck

Ralph the Mystic

the Deacon Blue show
the Blue Meanie show
Auntie Scam's Butt Kissin Time

Here are some puppets
hanging in leo's place
         puppets 02 Tacoma
the first set
15 puppets
13 puppets
sets of puppets


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