Uncle Scam
Blue Puppet Theater

hello,the name is Blue...

Puppeteer Extraordinaire!!
Skilled Devil's Advocate!!
born 5/18/50 11:18 am
Wareham, Ma.

We moved a lot.

Kansas City, Kansas
Zelienople, Pa
Union City, Pa
Quincy/Boston/Cambridge/Weymouth/Somerville, Ma
Sydney, Australia

Merced Richmond San Francisco, Ca

Madison, Wisconsin


North Quincy High
Bridgewater State College
American Beauty College, Madison, Wisconsin


Well, if there was any i'd have to say, i've had...
seems the more i have the more i want, experience wise.

old biz

worked a bunch of labor industrial dirt jobs short term.moved
for fly by night movers.road work for rock and rhythm .video for folks who
couldn't afford to pay me.union calls only at ucal bezerkely theatre.saved
several from the moonies,lost em right back to other sects a total loss but
the adrenaline is a gas.mandatory car wash.daycamp counsellor. specialty
rifle traing even though i had never fired a gun in my short life.i'm
good.hair stylist.

now biz

street puppetteer/busker/political pusher.son of always working
mother/preacherteacher father/got 4 brothers ( third of five )/two
daughters ( S&A )/1 grand daughter/a beautiful talented family of
scammers,especially that grand with the little scam smile that melts all
resolve and the most beautiful companioness in the world today.

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