we are offering the chance of a lifetime.
be a worker in the

War on Terror
Job no. 1
we are looking fo a few good spies in your neighborhood.
reporting on the odd folks we know at home.
be a neighborhood snitch for homeland security.

job no 2
we seek riders of all sidewalk vehicles
bicycles/ skateboards/wheelchairs/scamps/inlines
we will hire you to ride up and down the sidewalks of your home town.

job no. 3
this is the best job. it doesn't pay as well but....
we are looking for those patriots who just like to
scare the hell out of folks.!!
we need you in washington.
folks are not stayin in their houses,
they're walking on their sidewalks,
going out to restaurants,
malls and cineplexes,
like there wasn't a war going on.
orange alerts just don't do the trick any more.
we  need you to join, for
homeland security.

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