Obelia Finder

Obelia Finder
Obelia Finder's mother was an educated woman but it
seems she didn't have much sense, for, when her first
husband, Obelia's father, died, her mother immediately
took up with a fine-haired con man who swindled her out
of nearly every penny she had and left her pregnant in the bargain.
It was for this reason that Obelia, in order to stay in college, has
had to take a job as a donut shop counterperson,
even though thesmell of coffee made her nauseous.
Nor did she particularly like her first set of co-workers,
arowdy, carefree bunch who called her stuck up and did
their best to make her life miserable. She pleaded with the
manager to transfer her from her first store at the foot
of the hill from the projects and after six months,
seeing how diligent she was, the manager agreed.
She now works solo in a small shop attached to a gas station,
where from 6:30 to about 9:30 in the morning she is kept so
extremely busy she has no time to think.
At 12 noon she ends her shift and takes the
bus or sometimes walks downtown, where she attends
classes at the satellite campus of her local college.
She is studying toward a degree in psychology and
hopes some day to go to graduate school, though she
worries about her mother and her three brothers and
two sisters living right next to the projects, and she
wonders how long it will take her to earn enough money
to get them all out of that neighborhood.

by Francis Dimenno

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