Foot Story

  So in the middle of all this there's more than one way to figure out what's goin on, and I snap right to it. The web. How much can you find about almost anything is determined by, the speed of your connection and the patience to sift through the dross to find the information needed. Not having much patience, and even less of a belief in what I'm reading, I tend to find the most horrifying aspects to my particular dilemma, scare the wits out of myself, and presume that the worst possible outcome will be.
  There's a mole on my foot, of a nefarious nature, that leads to the demise of my life. To stop this i will have the doctor cut off my foot, below the knee, to stop the spread of this cancer. Whoa now. At this point the idea of a new busking venture is seen. A series of wooden legs, matching the colors of my teeth ( another prosthetic device already in use ). A different color for every day of the week. A pump to blow balloons inserted, flowers blossoming from the tip, a water gun nozzle, an implanted unicycle. I could envision the whole show. Terror defeated, with practical money making ideas!!
  Dr Trehan, of course, was not much amused and said I should wait for the biopsy, before jumping into ordering the blank pegs for my stump. Two weeks was decided for my next appointment, so I headed off for a retreat to the hills of Phoenecia, N.Y.. As lovely a spot as the world has known.
Three days of r'n'r  discussing the effects of this on my retirement. Well suffice it to say, I was out of reality. I left Thursday, and that night recieved a message to report to the hospital. Being in respite I didn't get it til the day before I was supposed to go in. The mole was positive for Melanoma and without waiting to actually talk to me, Dr Trehan took it upon herself to make an appointment with her mentor at Mass General Hospital, Dr. Tsao. Head of a Melanoma clinic, and hopefully one of the best in the business.
  We met in her office to pull stitches, mind flying, at being told I was diagnosed with the deadliest of the skin cancers.
so kind and gentle. chin up, think positive, just go and talk to this doctor and make up your mind as to how to treat this attack against the melancytes in your skin. one week. Well, let me be really clear here, about the speed at which this is taking place. With the glacial pace I usually move, this is like the rush on chrystal. Window pane clear. Ritlin at 18 in the valley (in Merced, hello Middle Earth ). I mean, crashin the barriers.  All on the Houseless Medical Plan. Does socialized medicine ring a bell ? 
  Ok, the houseless thing is real. I'm in the situation of needing a hole in the city, to park my tricycle and puppet materials, so that they're in the vicinity of my chosen work space. I choose Harvard Square.
foot 3

the hobble

the wait for transport

the ride



on golden tanned slippers

railroad tracks running down
the instep

foot 1
foot 3